Release Date: 2017/04

Double Zero 001 (00-001B / 00-001W)

Musical artist ZEDD has teamed up with the Japanese design group to create a new brand of high resolution audio headphones: Double Zero 001

The Grammy award winning DJ & musician ZEDD has teamed up with Japan's SF inc. design team to produce a new set of high resolution audio headphones: Double Zero 001. Japan's leading audio equipment manufacturer ONKYO is in charge of the acoustic design.

The headphones are great for home use, but are also light weight, comfortable and have a stylish design that make them perfect for a powerful audio experience in the street or outdoors as well. The combination of ZEDD and his search for the perfect sound and style together with Japan's audio and design technology have created the ultimate audio headphones for any listeners. The light weight and compact design providing top quality sound and comfort no matter what the season.

■ Main Features
Closed-back dynamic headphones created with close supervision by the international music producer ZEDD. His sharp audio senses have been combined with the work of Japanese companies Onkyo (acoustical design) and SF Inc. (body design) to bring a new creation to the headphone world. The headphones feature a newly developed 40mm carbon paper driver unit which allows for a 10Hz ~ 80kHz frequency creating ideal sound for everything from club music to live performances.

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Product Details

Product Name
Double Zero 001 (00-001B / 00-001W)
Double Zero
Good Smile Company
¥19,800 Each (Before Tax)
Release Date
Model Closed-back Dynamic
Frequency Range 10Hz~80kHz
Impedance 32Ω
Maximum Input 1,000mW
Jack Stereo Mini Jack (Includes Adaptor)
Cable Length 1.2m (detachable)
Accessories Carry Case, Pouch, Stereo Mini Phone Jack Adaptor
Weight 224g (Headphones Only)
Model Number 00-001B (Black) / 00-001W (White)
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